03 October 2012
Ex Ante Evaluation: Invitation To Submit Bids

Interested parties are hereby invited to submit bids for a short-term contract to deliver the Ex Ante Evaluation and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for the North Sea Region Programme 2014 - 2020.

Please see the Terms of Reference (ToR) for further details. Interested bidders are advised to read the ToR in detail before drafting and submitting any bids.

All evaluations submitted no later than 7 November 2012 will be assessed. Evaluations which do not meet the formal criteria may be exempt from the assessment. Applications should be clearly marked "Tender for Ex Ante Evaluation and Strategic Environment Assessment of the North Sea Programme 2014-2020" and should be sent to:

The North Sea Region Programme
Att. Carsten Westerholt
Jernbanegade 22
DK-8800 Viborg

E-mails: and

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