13 April 2012
NMU newsletter in March 2012 published

Highlights of the seventh newsletter this time: 

  • NMU ­– for more competence in the mari­time transport sector
    by Prof. Jens Froese, Jacobs University Bremen
  • Fuel Regulations For Shipping
    by Erik Fridell, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Insti­tute
  • NMU Pilots Module: on Strategic Management in Maritime Transport
    by Prof Alf Baird, TRI Edinburgh Napier University
  • NMU Pilots Module: “Hinterland Management related to Port Manage­ment”
    by Indah Lengkong, Jacobs University Bremen
  • IAME Conference in Santiago de Chile
    by Yako Boglev, TRI Edinburgh Napier University
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