15 March 2012
NMU Pilot Module on "Hinterland Management related to Port Management" at Jacobs University Bremen

The first pilot course of the module “Hinterland Management related to port Management” is starting this spring semester for the students of the MSc International Logistics Management and Engineering Programme.

The development of the course "Hinterland Management related to port Management" was coordinated by Jacobs University Bremen and delivered by Dr Phanthian Zuesongdham, Hamburg Port Authority.

It covers mainly the areas of port and terminal management and operations, including the hinterland (dryport) concept. The course aims to introduce the fundamentals of port operations and management, the important role of the port in logistics chain, how hinterland connections affect the port’s performance and its interaction to different actors in port are touched on. In class exercises and workshops, in a group working on a concrete case study to enhance the understanding of the complexity of this industry, are some of the main features offer within this course. Besides the traditional teaching methods as lecturing and workshops, the modern technologies are involved. Delivery of the lectures online via video conferencing system allows the interactive two-channel communication. The recordings of the lectures support the learners during the further individual work on case studies or in preparation of the exams.

The dryport concept, as an alternative approach for solving the shortage of free space in the gate way of port areas, is introduced during a one day workshop and analysed using a simulation tool developed by NMU partner Prof Dr.-Ing. Dietmar P. F. Möller, University of Hamburg. Dr Jason Monios of TRI Edinburgh Napier University has created different concrete case studies on dryport to be exercised by students in the class to improve their holistic understanding of this concept.

For further information regarding this course, please contact: Indah Lengkong (

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