07 February 2012
SUSCOD starts a European inventory

The second PMG Meeting was held on January 26. Irene van der Craats kindly invited the PMG members to the European capitol, Brussels.

The PMG decided to do a European project inventory. Within and even outside INTERREG there are a lot of projects, which results overlap the SUSCOD results, like decision support systems. SUSCOD does not want to reinvent work that's already been done, but collect existing knowledge and tools to integrate them in the SUSCOD tool.

The PMG members got a sneak preview of the first look and feel of the SUSCOD tool. The results are promising and the PMG members gave valid input to improve and further develop the SUSCOD tool.

On 26th and 27th March the 6th SUSCOD partner meeting will be held in Essex. Essex County Council is preparing an interesting programme in and around Harwich. The SUSCOD partnership is looking forward to this opportunity to meet Essex up close and personal.

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