19 December 2011
Dates for 8th Call and Information to Applicants Published

The forms for the 8th Call for Applications, both for full project applications and guidance for cluster applications, are now online.

Please note that the forms are mainly open for orientation purposes, in order to give potential applicants the possibility to see what information will be required and how to work the online system.

The final decisions regarding the terms and conditions of the call (e.g. which priorities will be open) will be published early next year. Until then, a guidance note for full project applications and cluster applications is also available. The guidance note for full project applications can be found in the application pack for the 8th call. Applicants are highly recommended to read the guidance note before entering their application to the online system.

Applicants can access and edit the forms after having registered for the NSRP online system. Submission of the forms will only possible during the open call, from 6 February to 5 March 2012.

Developers of cluster ideas are advised to contact Matt Nichols at the Secretariat, should they have any questions specifically on cluster applications and projects.

Pre-assessments open
It is also possible to submit a project / cluster idea for pre-assessment from now until 16 January 2012.

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