22 March 2011
Group purchase for roof insulation: "A Cap on your Roof!"

Project partner Imog works for 230.000 inhabitants. Within the North Sea-SEP project it develops an initiative in which the inhabitants organize themselves to realise a group purchase for roof insulation material. This project is called ?A Cap on your Roof?.

Imog does not choose the supplier itself, but guides the process by which people achieve a combined purchase. An external workgroup establishes the selection criteria (safety, health, ecology, price, etc.), does a market research and makes a selection of suppliers.

Imog promotes the project in its energy newspaper, organizes three information workshops for the inhabitants, invites the external workgroup members and also organizes practical workshops for the do-it-yourself people.

At the first workshop, on 22nd of March, 75 interested citizens participated.

On the investment-night, the proposed suppliers explain their offer to the interested inhabitants. Imog as facilitator ensures that the process is streamlined, but does not engage in the purchase.

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