25 January 2011
Transnational Seminar on winter management and de-icing

To comply with the European climate policies on CO2 reduction and to achieve the goals set,  a greater effort is required on all fronts. The Green Sustainable Airports (GSA) partnership has taken on this challenge and the project aims to reach the EU targets for reduced emmissions within the timescale, thus making the North Sea Region (NSR) a role model for similar future projects.

GSA's first transnational seminar will be held at Sandefjord Torp Airport (Norway) on 9th February 2011.

The seminar will deal with the topics of airport winter management and de-icing, particular attention being paid to the environmental impacts.  With regards to de-icing, three issues require focus: pilot procedures and safety regulations on the runway; procedures during the de-icing process of aircraft; run-off after de-icing .

Guest speakers from regional, national and international airports have been invited to share  their knowledge and experience and discuss future possibilities and solutions.

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