23 November 2010
Workshop on Urban Fringe Themes

Experts from across Europe are gathering in Belgium for a Theme Workshop on urban fringes on the 24, 25 & 26 November.

Around 30 delegates, from 5 countries are due to visit East and West Flanders as part of the Sustainable Urban Fringes (SURF) project. This three year initiative aims to recognise the value and potential of areas of land which connect urban and rural environments.

Over the course of the event delegates will develop work on the 4 main project themes for the urban fringe:

  • The economy, competitiveness and enterprise
  •  The role and value of green spaces
  •   Planning and stakeholder engagement, and
  •   Governance of urban fringes

The workshop will be based in Ghent, East Flanders, but will include site visits to the urban fringe in the Roeselare Region of West Flanders, to find out about the work of SURF project, Stad-Land-schap ‘t West-Vlaamse hart.

SURF Project Manager, Emma Watt said,” This workshop will allow project partners gain a real grasp of urban fringe themes. The opportunities, challenges, conflicts and threats for the urban fringe will be discussed, using real practical examples from site visits in West Flanders.

“Delegates will have the opportunity to learn more about research into urban fringes from East Flanders Expert, Dr Ir Hans Leinfelder, Head of the Department of Spatial Planning at the Central Government of Flanders.

 “Until recently, Dr Leinfelder worked for the University of Ghent, Centre for Mobility and Spatial Planning and in his research work was strongly involved in urban fringe issues. Linking the academic questions and the practical challenges within SURF and will help focus and create new knowledge on urban – rural relationships.”

Further information can be found on the project website

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