08 November 2010
Regional effects of Climate Change

From 8 until 10 November, Ghent receives 25 delegates from 5 knowledge-driven countries to prepare for climate change. These partners joined forces in the European project Climate Proof Areas. In these 3 days, the climate experts will discuss the impact of climate change on specific regions, develop adaptation strategies and draw up policy recommendations for climate proof land development and adaptation.

Renaat de Sutter, University of Gent (Belgium), leads the research on the regional effects of climate change in the partner countries. This part of the project is reaching its final stage. De Sutter: ""Although several climate-related issues and challenges are not really new, it is clear that the research is still too much in an early stage to distinguish the diversified effects, to identify the interrelations and to quantify them. Our initial findings suggest, therefore, the need for an integrated approach. Further analysis should reveal the direction in which to evolve."

Project Manager Ruben Akkermans of the Province of Zeeland, ads: " As soon as the report is finished, we will share it will all interested parties. It will be made available on our project website, as will all other project results. The Climate Proof Project team will learn a lot in the coming year. 2012 will be a project land mark. That's when all proof is collected and transformed into an actual toolkit. Practical reports, tools, policy recommendations and guidelines can offer just what you need to help render your own region, country or continent climate proof. Let's adapt!"

All progress and results on can be found on or you can contact Ruben Akkermans (Province Of Zeeland) for more information on 0031 118-631088 or (fill in your contact details here) for further information.

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