12 October 2010
NMU expands to Latin America

The first stakeholder from Latin America the ITTP - Instituto de Telecomunicaciones, Transporte y Puertos - , Bogota, Colombia underlines the international orientation of NMU - and shows that education in the maritime industry is as global as the industry's activities. The ITTP specialises academic programmes in a lifelong learning approach, because it realised the necessity of educating professionals for future-oriented economic sectors such as the maritime business in Colombia.
With its offer of education programmes based on technological and analytical skills including the field of ports and maritime transport. The ITTP will support NMU developing further education modules for the maritime sector and expanding NMU's market coverage. Current discussions include the teaching of NMU module elements at the ITTP in the future.

More information about ITTP.
More information about the NMU stakeholder group.

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