18 October 2007
NSR Communication Papers to be Presented in Brussels

DG Regional Policy is organising the conference “Telling the story. Communicating Cohesion Policy together" on 26-27 November in Brussels. Participants were asked to submit papers for this event.

Both Kirsti Mijnhijmer and Henrik Josephson from the secretariat have been asked to present their papers about innovative features of the programme website and informing beneficiaries about communications respectively.  

The first paper will be presented in the workshop "Structural funds and the internet". This workshop aims to look at examples of the most user friendly, interactive and innovative websites used to inform and communicate with beneficiaries and the public.

The second paper, "Understanding communication - a clear and consistent message", will be presented in the workshop "Crossing borders – communicating cohesion policy across Europe", which aims to discuss how programmes inform beneficiaries about publicity requirements since beneficiaries play an important role in communicating project outcomes to the public.

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