12 March 2007
9 Approaches to Waterfront Development in the North Sea Region
The Waterfront Communities Project celebrated its results at the final conference held on 1-2 March 2007 in Edinburgh, Scotland. More than 100 representatives from project partners and regions associated to the project took part, including regional and national level politicians.

The project is built around 9 mutually complementing aspects of waterfront development, led by 9 different partners in the 7 NSR countries.

The key project output is the toolkit for waterfront development, “the cool sea”, assembling a wealth of knowledge and good practice experience, and drawing together lessons learned from transnational learning. The project is expected to achieve some policy influence through the incorporation of project findings into regional development strategies and national policy frameworks.

Matthias Woiwode von Gilardi of the North Sea Region Programme Secretariat was invited to speak on the value of transnational co-operation from a programme perspective and to look ahead towards the new Interreg IVB programme and how it evolves as we enter a new phase of programming. He emphasised that projects will need to take a more strategic approach in terms of partnership composition and types of action, in order to ensure concrete results with practical value for target groups, to prepare major follow-on projects linking to other programmes and achieve significant policy impact.

The project partnership has indicated its strong interest to continue and advance co-operation in the new programming period under Interreg IVB.

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