16 February 2007
1 European project - 5 ways to prevent flooding

At the FRaME Final Conference in Antwerp on the 14-15 of February, climate change was one of the topics at the centre of discussion. The effects of climate change will potentially have great effect on the land in and around flood areas, particulary estuaries.

Frank van Holst, project manager of the FRaME project, is concerned. "Climate change over the next 50 years is said to have a major impact on the 400,000 hectares of land around the North Sea estuaries. Sea levels will rise by up to 6 mm per year, seas will become stormier and rainfall patterns will become erratic, affecting river flows. All of this will lead to an increased risk of flooding and the need for an improved and innovative flood defences."

FRaME (Flood Risk Management in Estuaries: Sustainable New Land Use in Flood Control Areas) is a transnational project for developing innovative solutions for flood risk management in estuaries. The overall aim is to reduce flood risk in the North Sea estuaries by advancing and promoting Flood Control Areas with sustainable new land use.

The techniques and solutions the project works with are applicable to the whole of the North Sea region and beyond. The lessons and experiences gained from the demonstration sites have been converted to a transnational Best Practice Manual (BPM), which contains detailed studies of all of the developments in flood risk management in estuaries.


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