02 February 2007
Project Ideas submission closed for Pre-Launch
The possibility to submit project ideas for the upcoming Pre-Launch event in Ostend is now closed. The project ideas will be evaluated and matched against the aims, objectives and priorities of the new programme and put into a Project Ideas Book accordingly.

The Project Ideas Book will be printed and available at the Pre-Launch event and through the programme website. This publication will later be updated and published in a new edition in time the formal launch of the new programme at the Annual Conference in June 2007.

You are encouraged to continue sending us your project ideas, in preparation for the 2nd edition of the Project Ideas Book. The deadline for submission of ideas in preparation for this event is 1st of June.

Again, you are reminded to cross-reference your project ideas against the strategy and priorities of the new programme, as laid down in the Operational Programme. Do not hesitate to contact a member of the Project Development Unit if you require additional advice or assistance in this process.
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