16 January 2007
Re-submit your project ideas!
In preparation for the pre-launch event in Ostend the Secretariat will be preparing a project ideas book. Please note that the book will only contain details of the project ideas that fit the profile of the new programme.  

If you would like to re-submit your project idea please do so before the 26th January 2007.
  If you require additional advice or assistance in this process please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Project Development Unit.

The background to this request is that from an initial analysis it appears that many of the project ideas are evolving in the context of the current IIIB programme. Whilst many of these ideas are interesting they often appear unsuccessful in meeting the profile and priorities of the future programme. For example, simply the addition of new project partners in a project extension does not constitute in meeting the new programme profile.

Refining project ideas in the context of the new programme
2006 was a year of discovery for the programme staff and project developers, both in terms of finding out about the content of the new programme and the context in which it would be set.   Today we know considerably more about both of these issues and the Programme Secretariat is now in a better position to start to analyse the project ideas submitted by project developers.  

We would therefore like to encourage you to review your project idea in the context of the transnational strategy and four priorities of the new programme (this document can be downloaded by clicking here). You should pay careful attention to the transnational strategy, which outlines the strategic focus of the new programme.

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