19 December 2006
2006 Comes to end and... the Secretariat office in Viborg we are looking back at a very dynamic and interesting year. There will be limited staff at hand on all working days of the holidays and by Monday 8th of January 2007 we are back to full capacity.

2007 is going to be exciting and hectic by the looks of it! The new programme is going to be launched and current programme is expected to continue to deliver strong results. Already in March there is going to be a pre-launch event to inform about the new programme. This will then be launched at the Annual Conference in June! Check the website for more information.

Parallel to the day-to-day work of managing the current programme, the staff has been busy preparing for the new Interreg IVB North Sea Region Programme. The process of writing the Operation Programme document has been ongoing throughout the year and we are hoping to submit in February.

The staff at the North Sea Programme secretariat wish everyone happy holidays!

SG?ndersG?, Viborg. Photo by Finn Ritz JG?rgensen
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