08 November 2006
Publicity and Communications - Video Project

A pilot scheme involving documenting projects on web based video formats has been carried out by the secretariat. The scheme involves videoclips and news coverage by film of approved projects to be put on the programme website.

Part of the programme strategy
The scheme is part of the Programme’s ongoing publicity and communications strategy and efforts to explain our work to the general public. The accessibility and user friendly nature of the videos complement the wide range of information on the programme and its projects already available on the programme website.

Transnational and strategic focus
Communicating the strategic, transnational and often complex nature of projects in a programme such as the North Sea Programme is a challenge, which calls for new methods of communication to be explored.

The 10 minute long project films and shorter VNRs (Video News Releases) provide a platform to penetrate audiences not reached before. The films are produced to meet all relevant professional qualities and are of broadcast quality, complete with separate voiceover, plain versions and scripts.

Support from the Monitoring Committee and DG Regio
The scheme received support from the MC as well as from DG Regio. They recognised the pioneering effort of the scheme and promised to monitor the progress of the project in the future.

A decision was taken to expand the scheme to involve a number of projects, as chosen by the national representatives to reflect the different participating regions, themes and topics of the programme. More information about which projects have been chosen will be available within the next few weeks, at which time the individual projects will be informed.

The videos are available in an on-screen and web friendly version.

Professional broadcasters and networks interested in this work are advised to contact the Publicity and Communications Officer Henrik Josephson for more information.

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