13 October 2006
Helix to flourish in Swedish incubator

The Helix is a new addition to the SmartLIFE project. It is a centre devoted to further develop different aspects of sustainable development and growth and is situated in the MINC (Malmö Incubator), in central Malmö, in close vicinity of the Malmö Högskola (Malmö College).

Anders Rubin from the City Council opened the seminar and inaugurated the Helix. He pointed out that the region has a great deal of know how and experience in the field of sustainable development and that it is important to make use of this for the future.

The MINC building houses a number of small companies and NGOs with a special interest in sustainability, including sustainable farming and produce. The cross sectoral approach behind the incubator has proven very successful and presentations by the people active in the MINC showed that they benefit from each other in many ways, not least in terms of contacts and networking.

Kevin Scobell, Executive Director of the SmartLIFE project, said that he was pleased of the Helix centre being placed in the MINC and that the great progress of the project and the enthusiasm he met in the project was proof that SmartLIFE had gathered an excellent team of experts.

Kevin noted that he had great hopes for the future and that the North Sea region was developing as an area of excellence in sustainable development and that the know- how and competence in this is something to export as much as possible. Special interest should be paid to Asia, where the exceptional growth rate and lack of experience in this field should open to possibilities and much needed aid in the field of sustainability.

Henrik Josephson from the North Sea Programme Secretariat congratulated them on the success of the project so far and the opening of the Helix. He noted that Malmö is one of the most expansive parts of Sweden at the moment and has been for many years and that the city is involved in several EU and Interreg projects.

He also made a presentation on preparations for the new Objective 3 programme to this date, in which he emphasized the importance of taking the Lisbon and Gothenburg strategies into account when considering future projects. He also advised to read the most current draft of the OP, available on the North Sea Programme website, and to keep updated as much as possible about the latest development of the new programme. 

The innovative measures taken and the sustainable growth and development aspects of the SmartLIFE project are something to build on, concluded Henrik Josephson.


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