08 November 2006

Programme results - A progress report

The latest developments on the delivery of the programme aims and objectives were presented at the MC. Programme delivery is strong and a number of targets are being met already.

08 November 2006

Publicity and Communications - Special call for applications for additional PR funding

It was decided at MC10 to allocate available funding to extra PR activities for projects within the North Sea Programme.

08 November 2006

Publicity and Communications - Video Project

A pilot scheme involving documenting projects on web based video formats has been carried out by the secretariat. The scheme involves videoclips and news coverage by film of approved projects to be put on the programme website.

08 November 2006

The new programme period - Events to come!

The formal launch of the programme will be the Joint Annual Conference 2007 in Norway. A pre-launch event will take place in Ostend on 21-22 March 2007.

08 November 2006

MSUO funding secured

MC10 decided to extend the funding, with a clear focus on expanding the scope of the umbrella and bring in more participating programmes and stakeholders to co-finance and join in the work.

08 November 2006

Important decisions at MC10 in Brussels

The most recent Monitoring Committee meeting of the North Sea Programme was held in Brussels on the 24-25 of October. A number of important decisions were taken.

07 November 2006

New North Sea Region Programme is an Interreg IVB Programme after all!

At a recent meeting with the DG Regio it was decided that the upcoming North Sea Region Programme should no longer be referred to as an ??Objective 3?? Programme.

02 November 2006

InfoRegio mentions North Sea Region Newsletter 12

North Sea Region Newsletter 12 was mentioned in the September issue of InfoRegio News, published by the European Commission??s DG Regio.

02 November 2006

More information Lead Partner seminar Lübeck available

More information on Lead Partner seminar 10 in LG?beck is available now. You can also find this information in the Events section.

13 October 2006

Helix to flourish in Swedish incubator

The Helix is a new addition to the SmartLIFE project. It is a centre devoted to further develop different aspects of sustainable development and growth and is situated in the MINC (MalmG? Incubator), in central MalmG?, in close vicinity of the MalmG? HG?gskola (MalmG? College).

03 October 2006

The North Sea Programme at EUREGIA 2006

The North Sea Programme Secretariat will be represented at the EUREGIA 2006 conference by Senior Spatial Development Officer Matthias Woiwode von Gilardi. He will be part of a panel discussion on transnational cooperation.

29 September 2006

Translations Draft Environmental Report now online!

The Draft Environmental Report for the Objective 3 North Sea Programme has been translated into the following languages: Danish, Dutch, German and Swedish.

You can find these translations on the Public Consultation page under Downloads.

12 September 2006

Vacancies Student Placement in the Project Development Unit

The North Sea Programme Secretariat is looking for two experienced students.

04 September 2006

Environmental Report for the North Sea Region launched for public consultation

The Environmental Report for the North Sea Region is launched for public consultation. The consultation period runs from 1 September to 26 October 2006.

30 August 2006

Forum Skagerrak II receives national news coverage for mapping shipwrecks

The project Forum Skagerrak II received national news coverage in Sweden today.

15 August 2006

Project Ideas - What next?

The first call for applications is likely to be next summer with the first Steering Committee meeting for the new programme taking place in the autumn of 2007. There, decisions on the first round of project will be made.

14 July 2006

Newsletter 12 - Launch of new North Sea Programme website

Click here to downloadNewsletter 12 is now available for download here. This issue contains the latest information about the Annual Conference 2006, the new Objective 3 North Sea Programme, our latest publications and much more.

11 July 2006

Transnational solutions at the heart of territorial cohesion and the Lisbon Strategy

The challenge for the North Sea Region is to design the new programme in a way that effectively capitalises on the unique potentials and competitive advantages of its regions and that it contributes to the goals of the Lisbon strategy and the territorial agenda.

05 July 2006

Final Conference MOPARK

MOPARK is one of several projects in the North Sea Programme, which will close during the course of 2006. Eight partners have been involved and the total budget amounted to ?? 5.6 million. The project ran from 2003-2006 and its final conference was held in Leeuwarden on 29-30 June.

05 July 2006

Final Conference Water City International II

WCI-II is one of the most ambitious projects in the North Sea Programme project portfolio, with 12 partners and a total budget of ?? 10 million. The project ran from 2002-2006 and the final conference was held in Leeuwarden on 29-30 June.
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