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AEBR – Association of European Border Regions
AER – Assembly of European Regions
CEMR – Council of European Municipalities and Regions
COE – Council of Europe: Congress of Local and Regional Authorities
COR – Committee of the Regions
CORDIS - Community Research and Development Information Service
CPMR – Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions
ESPON – European Spatial Planning Observation Network
ESPRID – European Spatial Planning Information Database
EUCC – The Coastal Union
EURADA – Association of Regional Development Agencies
EUROCITIES – The Network of major European Cities
IRC Network - Innovation Relay Centres
IRE - Innovating regions in Europe
METREX – European Metropolitan Regions and Areas
Nordregio – Nordic Centre for Spatial Development
NorVision - A Spatial Perspective for the North Sea Region
REGI - Committee of the European Parliament on Regional Development
The North Sea Commission
United Cities and Local Governments
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