18 June 2012 - 20 June 2012

Joint Annual Conference 2012

Location Bremerhaven, Germany

About the Conference
The Joint Annual Conference 2012 of the North Sea Region Programme and the North Sea Commission was held 18-20 June in Bremerhaven and Bremen, Germany. 300 participants attended the event.

The theme of the conference was "Creating a Climate for Change", focusing on future policy developments, innovation needs and a strategic outlook for the region. It was a joint event of the North Sea Region Programme and the North Sea Commission to facilitate interaction between stakeholders.

Conference programme

The conference
The North Sea Region Programme parts of the event took place 18-19 June in Bremerhaven and the North Sea Commission Annual Meeting was held on 20 June in Bremen.

News Videos
Videos with highlights from both day 1 and day 2 of the event were available immediately following the respective day of the conference on the Programme Youtube channel. The videos are now being finalised with last edits and will again be available shortly.




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Conference programme

The five workshops were split into short sessions over 20 minutes each, providing participants with an opportunity to choose from a wide variety of presentations from a large number of projects and stakeholders. 38 presentations were given in the different workshops over the two days. The innovative workshop concept was highly appreciated by participants and speakers alike.

If you have an interest in any specific presentation from one of the sessions, please contact the Secretariat by mail.

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No partner search seminar was held at this event.

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