15 September 2011 - 16 September 2011

ETC Joint Conference: The Benefits of Transnational Cooperation

Location Katowice, Poland

13 Programmes - 1 Goal: to Improve Quality of Life in European Regions!

For the first time the thirteen transnational programmes currently operating under the European Regional Development Fund in the EU have come together to arrange a conference on how transnational cooperation can help to improve quality of life in European regions.

The conference will take place 15 and 16 September in Katowice, Poland and feature high level speakers and panels including EU Commissioners and Polish Ministries. The event will have a strong focus on results for the future and feature an interactive exhibition and video coverage to highlight success stories and point to future potential.

It is arranged in cooperation with the Silesian Region in Poland and will be part of the Polish EU Presidency.

The event will showcase the results and outcomes of the 13 transnational programmes to date and take outset in these findings to discuss the future prospects for transnational cooperation to help in implementing the EU 2020 Strategy.

Registration for the event is open via the conference website. The proceedings and extensive coverage of the event including live streaming will be available via the conference website:

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