16 September 2009 - 17 September 2009

Seminar on Strategy

Location Lumley Castle, County of Durham

This seminar was by invitation only.

The lunch to lunch seminar took place from Wednesday 16 September to Thursday 17 September.

The overall purpose of the workshop was to set the course and strategy for the remainder of the current Programme period. Strategic projects and the introduction of on-going evaluation were key elements in the discussion.

The workshop had been prepared by a working group set up by the Monitoring Committee with representatives from all 7 countries in the Programme. The ideas and recommendations that had been discussed in the working group served as initial input for the workshop.

Venue and hotel
Lumley Castle
County Durham  

Click here to see the agenda for the seminar.

How to get to the venue:

If you arrive at Newcastle airport:
- get the metro from the airport to Newcastle central station - it is a direct train and takes about 25 minutes

- once you arrive at Central Station get a train to Durham (one about every 15/20 minutes), if possible one that stops at Chester-Le-Street. This journey only takes around 10 minutes

- once you arrive in Chester-Le-Street or Durham train station, get a taxi to Lumley Castle as it is not accessible by public transport - this is about a 10 minute cab ride.

If you arrive in London or Manchester:
- get the train to Newcastle, just get off in Durham before you reach Newcastle.


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