24 June 2009 - 26 June 2009

Annual Conference 2009

Location Egmond aan Zee/Haarlem, The Netherlands

The Joint Annual Conference and General Assembly 2009 of the North Sea Region Programme 2007-2013 and the North Sea Commission was held 24-26 of June in Egmond aan Zee/Haarlem, the Netherlands.


300 delegates over 3 days

More than 300 delegates from the seven participating countries of the Programme as well as European Commission and private sector representatives visited the event which took place over three days.




"Sustainable Innovation" was the theme of the conference and the event focused on the social and environmental dimensions of innovation in the context of transnational cooperation and the European policy framework.


Networking and sharing experiences

The conference provided a base for project developers and managers, as well as other stakeholders to network and share experiences. The event also gave stakeholders in regional development with ample opportunities to explore possibilities and challenges for the future.


The conference marks the main annual event of the North Sea Region Programme 2007-2013, which aims to expand the scope of transnational cooperation and facilitate relevant and innovative projects for the North Sea Region.




Annual Conference 2009 Programme


Video online

A video with summaries and comments from the conference can be found here.


Plenary Session

The plenary of the first day featured speeches from Head of Secretariat Christian Byrith, Professor Mojib Latif, Colin Wolfe of the European Commission and Gordon Wilmsmeier from Napier University.

Presentation given by Christian Byrith
Presentation given by Gordon Wilmsmeier


Seminar Sessions

The thematic seminar sessions featured an update of the status of the Programme and the respective priorities including an outlook for the future. In focus during the four sessions were presentations of the abstracts based on the recent Call for Papers for the Annual Conference of the Programme.


The idea with the presentation of abstracts was to create a base for discussion on focus areas and relevant project ideas for future projects under the Programme. The full papers, which were submitted to the Secretariat after the Annual Conference, are published in the first issue of the North Sea Region Programme Papers: North Sea Region Programme Papers No. 1






Background paper to Call for Papers


Presentations from the seminars

Seminar 1 – Secretariat_Background

Seminar 1 – Allwinkle_SCRAN

Seminar 1 – Neumann_NMU

Seminar 1 – Schanssema_ERIP


Seminar 2 – Secretariat_Background

Seminar 2 – Flipsen-ten Hallers_BALLAST WATER

Seminar 2 – McGovern_ENERCOAST


Seminar 3 – Secretariat_Background

Seminar 3 – Hauge_STRATMOS

Seminar 3 – Glotz-Richter_CareNORTH


Seminar 4 – Secretariat_Background

Seminar 4 – Coenen_DC NOISE

Seminar 4 – Walker_MP4






Parallel Sessions

The afternoon featured a Drop in Seminar in parallel with a well visited Partner Search Forum, during which 55 meetings between potential project partners took place and project ideas were promoted and developed further.


Presentations Drop in Seminar

Drop in Seminar – Full version

Drop in Seminar – Application Procedure

Drop in Seminar – Partnership Requirements

Drop in Seminar – A Long Lasting Impact

Drop in Seminar – Material Investments

Drop in Seminar – Communications


Download the Project Idea Book here.

24 June 2009 - Zuiderduin Hotel, Egmond aan Zee
The first day of the conference will feature a plenary session and seminars organised by the North Sea Region Programme. There will also be a partner search as well as drop-in seminars about financial issues, project management and communications in the context of the Programme.

25 June 2009 - Philharmonie, Haarlem
Transfer to Haarlem by bus. The North Sea Commission will arrange a plenary session on Integrated Coastal Zone Management. Study tours in the afternoon.

26 June 2009 - Philharmonie, Haarlem
General Assembly and Executive Committee of the North Sea Commission. For members only.

Background paper on Sustainable Innovation.



Public transport
Journey: Schiphol airport - Hotel Zuiderduin (Egmond aan Zee)

To plan your journey from Schiphol airport to Hotel Zuiderduin you can use the Dutch journey planner:


Street Nr Zeeweg 52
City Egmond aan Zee

The journey will take approximately 75 minutes.

A train ticket from Schiphol to Heiloo costs € 7,70. At ticket machines at Schiphol you can pay by credit card (only MasterCard), Maestro or with coins. Important for the homeward journey: Only at ticket machines at Schiphol you can pay by credit card.

A bus ticket from Heiloo to Egmond costs € 2,40. Tickets can be purchased on the bus (cash only).

From the bus station of Egmond aan Zee it is a 5 minute walk to Hotel Zuiderduin (see map).


Public transport and taxi
Another possibility is to take a train to Alkmaar (train ticket: € 8,40) and take a taxi from there. The costs for the taxi will be approximately € 25. Please note that some taxis do not accept credit cards.

If you prefer to travel from Schiphol to Egmond by taxi, the costs will approximately be € 60. Please note that some taxis do not accept credit cards.


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