28 January 2008 - 29 January 2008

Project Development Workshop on Sustainable and Competitive Communities

Location Hamburg, Germany

The Transnational Project Development Workshop on Sustainable and Competitive Communities was held January 28-29 2008 in Hamburg, Germany. The event attracted 130 participants from all regions of the North Sea Programme area.

The aim of the workshop was to generate and strengthen potential project ideas under Priority 4 in light of the second Call for Applications which will run from 18 February 2008 to 17 March 2008.

There was a strong focus on transnationality in the workshop. For more information about this concept please read the info sheet on transnationality, link below.

A plenary session with presentations outlining the challenges and possibilities of the priority in the programme context, as well as financial and communications issues opened the seminar.

About the working groups
The three working groups discussed different issues relating to the areas of intervention under priority 4. There was also the opportunity to further discuss and develop potential project ideas.

The working groups:
Tackling the needs of areas in decline
Promoting sustainable growth solutions for expanding areas
Promoting energy efficiency in urban and rural communities

The three main objectives for the working groups:
Bringing together new project ideas with potential partners
Merging similar ideas and projects towards a transnational partnership
Strengthening the transnational impact of the potential projects

 Presentations from the Plenary Session Day 1:

Presentations from the Working Groups:

Workshop Pack:

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