18 February 2008 - 17 March 2008

Second Call for Applications

Location North Sea Region Programme

  • The Call will run from Monday 18 of February until Monday 17 of March
  • The Call is open for all 4 priorities including all 14 areas of intervention

The following materials are provided for in the Downloads/Documents Library section of the website.


  • Application Form
  • Annex 1 – Indicators – to the Application Form
  • Annex 2 – Environmental information – to the Application Form
  • Additional financial tables 6.1 and 6.2

Other materials:

  • Application Guide
  • Fact Sheets
  • Info Sheets
  • Communication Plan Guidance
  • Strategy and Priorities of the Operational Programme
  • Important Supplementary Information

Important notice

All applications must be submitted as one original and one copy of the full application pack including appendices.

Please note that a number of changes have been made since the first call and applicants should make sure they submit the latest version of the Application Form (Dec 2007) and the annexes 1 and 2.

For project applications with more than 8 partners additional financial tables 6.1 and 6.2 form are available for download.

Regarding the materials

The Application Guide explains in detail how to fill in the forms and gives valuable background information. It includes information about the application procedure and the selection process which will be undertaken for each of the project applications. In the annex you may find the core selection criteria and the priority considerations to assess project applications against.

The Fact Sheets include important background information primarily about financial issues, partnership, application and approval.

The Info Sheets explain important programme related issues about the structure of the programme, transnationality and the Lisbon and Gothenburg agendas.

The abstract of the operational programme about the Strategy and Priorities of the new programme include information about the aim, the strategic focus and the logic of the programme and describes the 4 priorities and their 14 areas of intervention in detail.

The Important Supplementary Information provides additional information on issues that applicants may face when putting together a project application.

Practical information

Please submit the application form fully completed, dated, stamped and signed, together with the Letters of Intent from all partners and all annexes to the following address:

The North Sea Programme

2nd Call for Applications

Jernbanegade 22

DK-8800 Viborg


In addition, a copy of the completed application needs to be sent as a digital document by e-mail:

You may find a template for the Letter of Intent in Fact Sheet No 6.

All project applications submitted and received by the secretariat up until and including 17 of March 2008 will be accepted. The secretariat will be open during office hours.

Applications received after this date will be ineligible. Signed fax copies and PDF versions will be accepted within the deadline, provided that these are immediately followed up by the original application.

Regarding the Application Procedure

More information about the application procedure can be found in the Project Applications section of the website.



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