20 August 2007 - 21 August 2007

Transnational Project Development Workshop for Marine & Maritime Initiatives

Location Solastrand Hotel, Stavanger, Norway

Inspiring new ideas and partnerships in the
marine and maritime workfield

The Transnational Project Development workshop on Marine and Maritime Issues held in Stavanger, on the 20-21 of August attracted more than 50 attendees from all North Sea Region countries, representing government and public administration as well as private contractors and businesses. However, many extra interested people showed up during the day.

The workshop featured 3 different working groups on specific marine and maritime issues that are addressed in priorities 2 and 3 of the new programme. Key note speeches were given by Richard Hill and Bart Kamp regarding marine and maritime issues. The Secretariat presented the application and assessment process.

The working groups were centred around the following themes:

  1. Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Risks posed by a Changing Climate;
  2. Acute and Chronic Marine Pollution;
  3. Multi-modal and Transnational Transport Corridors and Logistic Solutions.
Working groups
Due to the number of participants signed up and their interest working groups 1(ICZM), 3 (Risk posed by climate change) and working group 4 (Multimodal and Transnational Transport-corridors) with logistic solutions were merged. Working group 2 (Acute and chronic marine pollution) was full of potential and was kept as it was. The working groups started off with an introduction round and a presentation by project initiators that already had project ideas. These ideas were then discussed in terms of the partnership and the transnational impact and transnational result of the proposed projects.
On the second day, a summary of the outcomes of the first day was given in the plenary, which allowed participants to hear what was said in the other workshops and to decide in which working group they wanted to continue.
Outcomes of the workshop
Several projects used the opportunity to extend their partnerships or to merge with other project ideas and agree on further steps towards a project application. Finally, 6-7 ideas emerged as potential applications for one of the first calls in the new programme. The expectation is that a larger number of marine and maritime projects will be ready for the second call.
Give us your opinion
We received several Evaluation forms from the event, but we would like to hear your opinion as well! If you attended the event in Stavanger, please give us your opinion by completing the Evaluation Form. Please send it to Eva Sehested (  no later than 7th September.


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