Up to twice a year, the North Sea Region Programme opens a Call for Applications. Project applications are submitted online via the Programme website.

After the closure of the Call, the Secretariat carries out a technical assessment of all eligible applications. The applications are assessed against a number of core selection criteria and priority considerations.

Based on the technical assessment the Secretariat recommends the application for approval or rejection. The final decision about the outcome of the application is taken by the Steering Committee.

Here you can find all you need to know for submitting a viable application.

  • 10th Call Guidance Note
  • Application Form 10th Call - Please note that the application form is now open for entries only, the submission option will be available once the Call opens on 17 February.
  • Projects ending later than 30 June 2014 can apply for an extension instead of applying for a new project and should contact the Secretariat if they wish to do so, please see page 2 of the Guidance Note.

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