Executive Summary
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Achievements of the IIIB North Sea Programme
Projects 2000-2006
THEME 2 Risk Management along Rivers and Coasts

One of the aims of the Interreg IIIB North Sea Programme was to provide stable social, economic and environmental opportunities through the reduction of flood risks. It also aimed to secure maritime safety through a common approach in adjoining coastal states. Human activity in the development and restoration of landscapes has made the natural environment vulnerable to natural hazards. This vulnerability has been exacerbated by changes in the climate and there is now an increased urgency to improve protection against flooding.

The absence of risk management strategies in this context not only adds to the level of risk itself, but also makes the consequences of flooding more difficult to deal with. Facilities for assessing diverse risks, particularly related to transport activities in the North Sea Region, were an important issue during the programme period.

A need was identified for risk management strategies to prevent accidents at sea. Maritime safety is an important transnational issue. Accidents at sea can result in ecological disasters with potentially far reaching effects in various sectors of the economy but particularly in fishing and tourism.

   Key features              Main achievements and outcomes
Coastal defence strategies
land use and spatial planning of areas behind embankments
risk management for coastal flood prone areas
coastal flood and erosion risk management
contingency plans
public awareness
evacuation plans
highwater information system
recommendations to improve coastal risk management
involvement of coastal defence authorities throughout the North Sea Region
involvement of North Sea Coastal Managers Group
intensive networking and transfer of knowledge
downloadable documents and news updates
70,000 visitors to an information exchange platform for research, policy and management

Flood protection and risk management
incorporation of flood risk management into spatial planning policy and practice
future investment decisions
large-scale investment including flood control and new land uses
managements of catchment areas
exchange of results and synchronization of reporting timetables
Safety and risk management
responding to storm felling in forest landscapes
digital spatial program to predict the impact on forests of winds throughout the North Sea Region
forest managers and landowners can now create their own Stormrisk analyses
international standards for maritime safety
common North Sea framework for risk assessment at sea
tool for risk assessment of navigational safety, including AIS (Automatic Identification System) data
harmonised methodology and guidelines for emergency preparedness
decision support for Marine Rescue Coordination Centres in the North Sea Region


Coastal lowland: One main issue for risk managements along rivers and coasts (COMCOAST project)
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